Factors To Consider When Installing A Rock Pool Slide

Taking a dip in a pool on a hot summer day is one of the best feelings ever, and the installation of an artificial rock pool slide is guaranteed not only to amplify the euphoria but also make your house the most sought-after luxury summer destination in your area. 

But are there any factors you must keep in mind when installing pool slides? Yes, there are!

Things to Consider When Installing an Artificial Rock Pool Slide

There is absolutely no doubt that a rockslide for your pool would be a tremendous addition to your household. However, there are some things you must consider before opting to install an artificial rock pool slide so that you can reap its maximum benefits. After all, constructing a pool in your home is not a small expense. Therefore, it is vital to make sure you are given thought to the whole project.

 To make things easier for you, we bring you the must-consider aspects that you must not ignore when you are planning to install a beautiful artificial rock pool slide.

Your Pool Size

The first and foremost thing that you should consider before installing a rock slide is the size of your pool and whether or not the pool and its deck are large enough to accommodate a luxurious slide. Moreover, rock slides might not fit well with some pool designs, such as an infinity pool or a pool with zero edges. So, make sure that you do your research!

Don’t Ignore the Location Aspect

The position of your rock slide is dependent on the amount of space you have outside the pool so that you can access it easily. Other than that, it is recommended that you face the front of the slide towards your outdoor lounging area so that you can see water cascading down the rock structure and enjoy the look on your guests’ faces as they have the time of their lives.

 Additionally, make sure that your slide is facing towards the deeper end of the pool to minimize the chances of any injuries.

Safety Regulations for Pool Slides

Sure, installing a rock slide for your family is all fun and games. Nonetheless, you cannot ignore the safety aspect of it. Make sure that your rock pool slide is installed as per the local government’s safety guidelines. If there are kids at your home, an enclosed stairway would be the best choice. Furthermore, make sure that your edges are slip-resistant and that your rock pool slide always has access to a water source.

Water Supply

It is crucial to give your pool slide a water supply to deal with the surface friction. You should preferably connect your slide directly to the pool water or get an extension for your garden hose. Moreover, asking your plumber to construct a sideline in advance will also come in handy.

Finally, Don’t Forget about Maintenance

As rock pool slides are exposed to the open environment and rigorous use, they are prone to permanent damage. Discoloration, fading finish, oxidization, and staining are common problems that come with installing a rock pool slide, and some damage might even be dangerous for swimmers as it can cause physical injury.

 That is why you should always focus on proper maintenance of the slide and clean it regularly with warm water and a mild, non-abrasive detergent. On top of that, avoid using substances with high pH or ammonia as they can result in staining of the slide’s surface.

rock pool slide

Installation or Maintenance, Tropic Rocks Have Got You Covered

As mentioned before, artificial rock pool slides can suffer from wear and tear with time, and in today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to take out time to focus on their maintenance. That is why it is vital for you to work with a professional company that will provide you with the best quality installation and outstanding maintenance services.

At Tropical Rocks, we do not allow any compromise on the quality of our materials, providing our customers with practical and state-of-the-art services with over 20 years of expertise in artificial rock pool repair and restoration. Call us now at 949-691-3845 to book your consultation and revolutionize your artificial rock pool setup to the core.

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