A Private Resort Just For You And Your Family

Who does not like to spend their holidays in a relaxing environment of a resort, but what If you can make your backyard look and feel like a resort? Wouldn’t that be better? 

The thing is, you can do that. You can turn your home into a luxury resort by adding a pool and have a vacation day, every day at the backside of your house. You can create your paradise by creating a rock design inspired artificial pool in your backyard. There are plenty of ideas you can use to picture how you want your artificial rock pool to look, and we will be sharing some of them with you as well.

Why Artificial Rock Pool?

One of the perfect ways to give your backyard a resort look is to have an artificial rock pool. Artificial rocks not only look like natural rocks, but they are also lighter and more in accordance with the water requirement. You can get pre-made rock pools to bring life to your backyard, or you can also get a custom artificial rock pool designed for you. To complete your resort look, you can install rock artificial caves, waterfalls, steps, slides, bridges, arches, etc.

 Using artificial rock for your pool is a fantastic choice because it brings nature to your backyard and upgrades the place’s aura.

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Artificial Rock Pool Ideas

The best thing about backyard rock pools is that you can walk out of your backdoor and enjoy your resort-level pool whenever you feel like it. But to achieve that pool, you need a few ideas. So, here are some of the best artificial rock pool ideas:

1.  Infinity Pool:

A stylish infinity pool with a beautiful artificial asymmetrical rock wall on one side is an incredible way to combine modern looks with nature. The addition of trees on the rock wall side can be a fantastic feature of your infinity artificial rock pool.

2.   A Cornered Pool for Small Spaces:

A small modern artificial rock pool at the corner of a beach house or villa is perfect for small spaces. Rock stools can be used outside to enhance the feel and looks of the area.

3.   A Minimalistic Pool:

You can have a rectangular rock pool in the backyard of the villa or mansion with large rock panels on one side. You can also have a rock bridge on one side and a well-manicured lawn on another for other activities.

4.   A Waterway in the Middle of the Backyard:

A pool-like longitudinal pathway in the middle of the backyard with artificial boulders and plants is a fantastic idea to have a true feel of a stream. You can also have a shaded waterway with artificial rock panels between the lawn and the deck area.

5.   A Seating Shade into the Pool:

A deep pool with seating built inside the water using rock steps with a moveable umbrella is the best way to have that relaxing resort feel. You can unwind in the comfortable seating whenever you like, read a book and enjoy the water all at once.

6.   A Rock Waterfall in the Pool:

An asymmetrical pool with an artificial rock waterfall is an excellent idea to have that feeling of swimming in the middle of a jungle in a pond with a waterfall.

These were a few ideas which you can use to design your very own backyard resort pool by using artificial rocks. Having an artificial rock pool that connects nature with your modern lifestyle will completely change the look of your home, and you will fall in love with your new setting.

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