How to Keep a Pool from Turning Green?

From raising the property value, supporting healthy living to enhancing social interactions amongst families, the allure of swimming pools is unmatched. However, all these benefits can be cut short by the unsightly green color. The green color is caused by growth of algae in the water, especially concrete pools. While algae may not necessarily cause any adverse effects, it is not pleasing to look at when it replaces the colorful blue color that people enjoy. The only time algae problem can become a serious issue is when it spreads so much and becomes slippery, a point at which it can cause accidents. 

One question that lingers in the minds of many homeowners, including our clients is; how do I keep the green color off my pool? This article aims to illuminate the many hacks to combat this problem. 

Brush the Pool

Even though the skimmer is designed for trapping debris and dirt from settling at the base of the pool, it may not entirely clean all the dirt. It therefore implies that you will need to brush the surfaces manually. When dust and grime settles on the pool surfaces, they provide a safe haven for algae growth. To prevent this from happening, use a pool brush to scrub the pool surfaces. 

Maintain Filtration System

The very item tasked with the removal of dirt from the water can also be a source of the green color. During pool cleaning, most people tend to overlook the condition of the filter. If not addressed early, the flitter may get dirty and allow algae to grow and multiply, which causes the green color. To prevent this problem, remember to clean the filter every time you clean the pool. 

Test for Water Chemical Imbalance Regularly

When balanced properly, pool chemicals such as alkalinity, PH, cyan uric acid, chlorine and calcium can help keep the green color off your pool. When the concentration of these chemicals is too low, algae, which thrives in perfectly ‘still’ water such as the pool, will grow and cause the green color. Follow the manufacturer instructions to balance your pool’s chemicals. 

Shock the Pool

Shocking a pool simply refers to adding chlorine rapidly to raise the chemical level. This method comes in handy when the pool is not in heavy use since too much chlorine can be uncomfortable to the swimmers’ skin. By doing that, you prevent the green color since chlorine kills algae, which causes the green color. 

Use of Algaecide

Algaecide is simply a chemical solution designed to eliminate and stop the spread of algae, which causes the green color in pools. Regular use of this treatment can help prevent this bugging pest from growing and spreading in your pool. The only major concern with this method is the environmental considerations that come with it. It can also be a health hazard if not used carefully by people with pre-existing conditions like asthma. 

Clean the Pool Regularly

The main and most effective ways of keeping the green color off your pool is by cleaning it regularly. When not removed on time, dust, grime and debris such as leaves may settle at the base. Upon settling, the debris will rot and provide the pest with a perfect breeding ground. To combat this, use a manual skimmer to trap debris and dirt. Even better, install a pool cover to prevent these contaminants from settling in the pool.  

Keep an Eye on Circulation

Among the most effective method of eradicating the green color is disturbing the water as much as possible. This is because when water goes undisturbed for quite a while, especially during low seasons like the winter, algae may grow and spread rapidly. 

In this understanding, it is advisable to run the filter and pump systems for 9 hours daily, on average. By doing this, you will be causing a disturbance and enhanced dispersal of chemicals that can help prevent algae from growing in the pool. Another great way of enhancing circulation in your pool is by swimming as often as possible, especially during the warm summers. As you swim, you get to disturb the water and disperse the water chemicals, thereby preventing the growth of algae and ultimately the green color.

By regulating chemical balance of your pool water, cleaning the pool regularly, shocking the pool, maintaining circulation, using algaecide, and brushing the walls and floor regularly, you can keep the green color off your pool. Another great hack is by investing in exemplary professional pool services of Artificial Rock Works. 


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