Our Rock, Concrete and Pool Rock Repair Services

We work with the best quality in materials like paintings, concrete and others. We are committed to providing you a valuable service designed to last. Also, our designers can help you obtain the look you’ve always wanted with artificial rocks.

Our professional services can help you save and repair your rock pool or rock pool slide and make it enjoyable again in no time, contact us, and we will take care of the rest as we have up to date equipment and certified staff to serve you 24/7.

Explore our repair, repainting, and many more services:

Artificial Rock Swimming Pools

Whether you want a new swimming pool or upgrading an old swimming pool with artificial rocks, Tropical Rocks is here for you! We have experienced technicians and certified engineers to do the installation and excellent designers as it requires a lot of creativity to make your swimming pool a dream decor.

Artificial Rock Pool Slides

Tropical Rocks is here to save and repair your pool slide and make it enjoyable again.  Our team is expert in making your pool look new, repairing and repainting the concrete around it with high-quality building materials that will last many slips down your slide.

Artificial Rock Waterfalls

We use high quality paint that would last more than others and we have the expertise in concrete repair. Tropical Rocks contractor’s are the best in Southern 

California. If you do not believe what you just read, request a quotation and we will make sure that you would end up satisfied with our work.

Commercial Pool Services

We are committed to simplify aquatic challenges for commercial pools and offer exceptional service from concept, design, and planning to execution. Partnering with you to eliminate the challenges of commercial aquatic projects with experience, innovation, and knowledge in Southern California.

Concrete Pool Hardscaping

We use high-quality paint that would last more than others, and we have the expertise in concrete repair. Tropical Rocks contractors are the best in Southern California.

If you do not believe what you just read, request a quotation, and we will make sure that you will end up satisfied with our work.

High Quality Services
We do not cut corners on materials or services because YOUR quality matters as much as our reputation.

Premium Quality Service

We do not compromise on quality either these are materials or services we offer nothing less than best- Because we care for you!

What Makes Our Services Different

Personalized attention is the best quality of our service, but also the are many reasons why you need to choose us:

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    Best qualified contractors in Southern California.
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    Custom designs to achieve our distinguished customer’s expectations.
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    Highly trained and certified staff.
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    Over 20 years of experience with a lot of repeat customers.
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    We use materials and paint with high-quality standards.
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Hiring an expert for professional services is always a wise decision! Schedule an appointment today with our experts.

Contact us If You are Ready To See Your Own Artificial Rock Swimming pool come to life

With over years of extensive experience in swimming pool design, waterfall installation, pool slide installation, and construction, our specialty is generating efficient and naturally inspired waterscapes from the subtlest of landscapes to luxurious artificial rock swimming pools.

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