Artificial Rock Waterfalls for pools

Are you looking for an artificial rock waterfall for your swimming pool? Then look no further; At Tropical Rocks We have the best products and certified engineers to build a cascade of fake rock waterfalls for the pool.

We can install these cascades, pool rock waterfall, rocks, and cover products in all types of swimming pools or ponds, including refurbishment. Our swimming pool rock waterfalls products require basic masonry skills for installation. Our professionals will install your rock waterfall slide for the pool in a day or two and will last for years so you can have peace of mind.

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Poolside Water Scape

Our expert concrete craftsmen can take advantage of the existing underground pool to create a Zen-style hideaway where you can relax and unwind after a stressful day. Illuminated with ambient lights and hidden built-in speakers, change colors at night around you, ensuring you’ll feel like you’re on vacation in your backyard every day.

Poolside Waterfalls

Reshape your swimming pool from tasteless to the dreamy core of your backyard with a falling artificial rock waterfall. Your possibilities are as vast as your imagination with a swimming pool or a wonder spa retreat behind your waterfall.

Poolside Grotto

Why bother taking your loved ones on vacation when there is a beautiful poolside cave in the backyard? At Tropical Rocks We can build a stunning poolside cave behind the scenes that were once only found in the world’s largest theme parks. Let’s have a chat now!

What Makes Us Unique?

Our stunning pool waterfalls are built-in for a user-friendly application for landscaping your home, adding its natural beauty and perfect for swimming pools.

Our swimming pool waterfalls are formulated from a unique blend of polymers, so they are straightforward to use, lightweight and very durable to maintain a perfect natural look with natural oxides such as crushed stone and sand. Our technical installation experts can do a complete job for you from delivery to installation and repairs any time anywhere.

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Tropical Rock is exclusively here for you as our prices are competitive and fair. Our mission is to deliver high-quality products and services with excellent customer service. We use our expertise and knowledge to start each project by assessing the property and discussing your desired remodeling and construction needs. Then, we will provide you with a complete and fair quote to better understand everything you need to carry out your dream refurbishment or construction.


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Why Choose Us?

Rock waterfall slide for pool cascade is a standard model available in many styles and is installed using cement mortar for permanent installation. Our designer cascades have modular parts that can be adapted to different settings.

They are prepared of concrete for durability and are superior to imitations of plastic and foam. Our products are shaped from natural rock formations for lifelike characters and consist of a high-tech concrete mixture with fiber-reinforced to make them lighter and stronger than regular concrete.

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We do not cut corners on materials or services because YOUR quality matters as much as our reputation.

Best Installation & Repair of Artificial Rock Waterfalls Service!

We offer many swimming pool services, including installation and repair of artificial rock waterfalls for pools. Please feel free to contact us.

If you’re ready to create such a cave/waterfall combination in your yard, Tropical Rock can help. Visit our product catalog to see today’s component systems.

No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that the cave waterfall pool will last longer and provide you and your family with years of fun.

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