How Do You Make A Rock Pool Slide Slippery?

A rock pool slide can be a great added feature to your pool. With the incoming summer, you will want to make sure your pool is in top shape, including your pool slide feature. One thing you will want to keep an eye out for is whether or not your pool slide is slippery. In many cases, the slide may lose its slippery aspect. In these cases, it won’t be fun to actually use.

If you are dealing with such a situation, read on to find out how to make a rock pool slide slippery again!

Why Make Your Rock Pool Slide Slippery?

Over time your rock pool slide may start accumulating friction, making it less fun to actually “slide” down. This may be because of a loss of covering sealant. It could also be because of added dust, dirt, and grime covering the slide, which causes more friction. In either case, riding this slide is no longer fun. In extreme cases, your descent will be too slow and may even cause abrasions on the skin.

So, How to Make Your Rock Pool Slide Slippery?

To make your rock pool slide slippery again, follow the steps we have outlined below:

Make a Cleaning Solution

The first step is to make a cleaning solution. Like most DIYs, you will want to clean the subject at hand. If you plan on doing the job yourself, make a cleaning solution using a mild dish detergent or dish soap and warm water.

For best results, you can hire a rock pool contractor to do this job for you. They will have the necessary cleaning tools and solutions that aren’t toxic to the environment and can still do their job well.

Wash Away Any Accumulated Dirt and Grime

With your cleaning solution ready, you can now clean away the accumulated dirt and grime from your slide. First, use a garden hose to quickly remove any loose dirt from the surface. Then use the dish soap and water solution you have ready to clean the surface. Use a hand towel or abrasive cloth to scrub the slide from top to button. After sufficient scrubbing, wash away the soap using your garden hose.

Let the Slide Dry

Most of the friction slowing you down while sliding is caused by deposited dirt and grime. By removing them, you are already on the way to making your slide slippery again. Before you can move on to the next step, make sure your pool slide dries down.

Sand Down the Grooves around the Slide

After your slide dries down, you need to now sand down the sides. Try running your hand down the slide; if you notice any shallow grooves on the surface, this means your artificial rock slide needs a sanding session. These grooves also add friction to the slide’s surface, slowing down your descent. To fix this, take some sandpaper and carefully sand the surface of your slide to give it a smoother finish.

Wax Your Slide

For the next step, you will have to apply a wax covering to your pool rock slide. Waxing your slide is one of the best ways to make it slippery again, almost as good as new.

For this, you need to take some wax paper and rub it over the entire surface of your slide. You can also use spray on wax to give it the same effect. Just make sure the wax you use is safe for direct contact with the skin.

Apply an Epoxy Sealant to Your Slide

Finally, to preserve the slick surface you have achieved, you may want to add a protective sealant to your pool rock slide. You can seal your water slide with a UV-stable coating that won’t turn yellow when exposed to the sun. This way, it will give it a smooth surface while also making sure it remains aesthetically pleasing. A polyurethane based sealant is a good example of a sealant that won’t turn yellow and will keep your rock pool slide surface smooth.

Final Thoughts!

If you follow the steps we have outlined above, you will be able to restore your pool slide to its former glory. For best results, consult a professional in the field. Artificial Rock Works is one of the leading rock pool repair and maintenance contractors in California. If your faux rock pool slide is showing signs of damage or needs to be smoothed out, connect with our team today!

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