Can You Add A Slide To An Existing Inground Pool?

Summer is around the corner, and this means finally being able to host pool parties! Why not spruce things up this summer by adding new features to your pool? A rock slide feature can be fun and exciting and can also increase your overall home value. But can you add a slide to an existing pool?

Adding A Slide To An Existing Inground Pool

Yes, you can! As long as you work with a reputable pool contractor, you can easily install a new slide to your inground pool. Sometimes you may not have the budget to set up a slide while building your in-ground pool. In this case, you can always add a slide to your pool later. Similarly, if you moved into a new home with a pool, you can always add a slide later on if you like! Slide pools improve the overall aesthetic of your pool and can be an additional element of fun in your pool.

Things to Consider Before Adding a Slide to An Existing Pool

Before you can add a new slide to your existing inground pool, consider the following:

Is Your Pool Sufficiently Sized for a Slide?

First, study the size of your pool. Is there enough patio space (deck space) for your pool slide? You should have at least 7 feet by 15 feet of space for the footprint of the slide so people can walk around the slide with ease rather than having to duck under the slide to pass through.

Your pool should have sufficient depth. If your slide is shorter than 48 inches, the water depth should be at least 2 feet. For pool slides taller than 48 inches, the pool must be at least 3-4 feet deep.

Where to Install Your Slide?

Next, you need to consider where to install the pool water slide. You shouldn’t install it in the center of a congregational area as it may ruin the aesthetic of your pool. You should place it on the opposite side of the main gathering area (this could be your patio seating or your grill) so people can view it easily from a distance.

You should also place exit points (the pool ladder) close to the slides so people can quickly exit the pool when needed.

What Type of Slide Should You Install?

There are three main types of slides you can choose from. Each can be attached to your deck differently, so make your selection accordingly.

    • A straight-leg pool slide is straighter at the top and has a wide curve at the end. These usually have open staircases and are cheaper than most pool slides, but they aren’t recommended if you have kids at home.
    • A molded leg pool slide usually has enclosed staircases; this choice is ideal if you have young kids at home. They are also much steeper and curvier in their design.
    • An elephant leg pool slide tends to have a curvier shape, almost like a twisted DNA strand and is much taller.

Follow Safety Regulations

There are some pre-emptive guidelines about safety regulations you need to keep in mind when adding a pool rock slide to your inground pool. A reliable pool contractor should be well-versed in these regulations and will provide you with a slide that is fun and safe for use. Some general guidelines that you should follow include the following:

    • The material used should be compatible with the environment.
    • The ladder steps, stairs, or ramps should have treads, not rungs if the incline angle is 15° or greater.
    • Side ladder treads should have a flat or slightly curved surface.
    • The slide should meet all sample tests, for example, the dynamic load test, where it should show no signs of stress if a 350 lb load is applied.
    • Swimming pool slides should only be installed near inground pools with sufficient water depth.

Final Thoughts!

Now that you know the major prerequisites to get a pool slide for your in-ground pool, you should start looking for a reliable contractor.

If you are looking for experienced rock pool contractors for your pool renovation, get in touch with Artificial Rock Works. We have 20 years of experience working with pool renovations and design and are experts in the installation of poolside slides. We provide the best artificial rock pools and artificial rock features including pool waterfalls, pool rock slide options and repair services!

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