Is Having a Backyard Swimming Pool Worth The Hassle?

Whether you envision more family togetherness or the tranquil of floating in the cold water in a hot summer afternoon, the allure of a backyard pool is unmatched. If you are considering installing one in your backyard, it is important to sit down and weigh between the benefits and the limitations that come with it. Whether having a backyard swimming pool is a worthy investment comes down to your preferences, circumstances and lifestyle. This article sheds more light on the benefits and limitations associated with a backyard pool so that you can make an informed choice before installing one.


• Enhances Social Interactions

A backyard pool can be a center stage for family gatherings. On a hot summer afternoon, you and your loved ones can gather around the pool, engage in different pool games, fun and other activities. After that, you can reminisce great memories while lying on the poolside beds. These moments come in handy in enhancing social interactions in the family, instead of being glued on smart devices indoors.

• Increase in Property Value 

Even though you may not be considering selling your property anytime soon or even ever, installing a backyard pool goes a long way in increasing the property value. When shopping around, most homeowners are more inclined to properties with a pool. This is because they recognize the time and effort invested in installing it. Moreover, they want to have a share of the many benefits that come with having one.

• Supports Healthy Living

Health fitness experts claim that water aerobics are one of the most effective physical exercises. In addition to enhancing circulation of blood, relaxing your muscles, and enhancing flexibility, water aerobics have been known to help in weight loss. Experts’ opinion shows that, when coupled with a healthy nutritional plan, water aerobics can help a lot in weight loss.

• Improves Quality of Life

Imagine having to drive a long distance to access a public swimming pool, and then covering the same distance back home. The relaxation of muscles and mind calming effect of a good swim can be undone by sitting in a car in traffic on your way back home. However, with a backyard pool, you just enjoy your swim and then lay on the poolside bed as you soak in the sun. This kind of convenience is among the many reasons for installing a backyard pool.


Even with all the above-discussed benefits, backyard pools come with their fair share of limitations that include:

• Maintenance

No matter the type and how well installed a pool is, it will require regular maintenance if at all it will reach its intended lifespan. Maintenance of a pool can sometimes be costly and time engaging so you should be prepared to roll up your sleeves occasionally. This is especially true for a concrete pool where lack of regular maintenance can lead to the growth of algae and mosses, both of which damage the shell.

• Safety

When considering installing a backyard pool, you must also be ready to incur additional cost with safety measures. A safety feature such as a pool fence is necessary if you have kids, otherwise you will have to watch them all the time. Another safety feature that comes handy is an automatic retractable pool cover. The major limitation with this is that it will cost you much more than common covers.

• Cost

The major drawback of installing a backyard pool is the extra cost that comes with it. This is a major inconvenience since you have to budget for a cost that you had not planned.

• Insurance

It also comes with an additional cost of insuring your home. A homeowner with a backyard pool can expect to pay higher insurance premiums than the one without one. This is a major drawback if your financial muscle is strained. 

With all the above-discussed benefits, what is not to love about a backyard pool? One might that argue pools come with disadvantages. While the argument is fair and called for, the benefits outweigh the few limitations. From quality living, convenience, elevated psychosocial health to improved family relations, there is more to gain than lose from a backyard pool. The few limitations do not come anywhere close to the advantages of installing a backyard pool. When planning to install one, consider the exemplary services of Artificial Rock Works. We have professionals with extensive experience and skills to deliver quality pool installation and maintenance services that ensure you will never regret the decision.

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