How To Transform Your Pool With Artificial Rock Features?

Pools can seem heavenly during the summertime. But before the summer hits in full swing, you may want to consider giving your pool a renovation! Does your artificial rock pool seem outdated and boring? There are plenty of ways to improve the look of your pool, making it picture-perfect for your next pool party! Adding faux rock features is one of the most popular methods of giving your rock pool a makeover without breaking the bank.


What Are Artificial Rock Features?

Artificial rocks or faux rocks are made from durable materials such as fiberglass or concrete. They are used in indoor and outdoor spaces as both decorative and functional pieces. They can help add a touch of style to your pool, giving a refreshed and modern look to your very pool!

How To Use Artificial Rock Features To Transform Your Pool?

Here are some exciting ways you can use artificial rocks to transform your pool:

1. Create Waterfalls above the Surface

Pool waterfalls are always stunning to look at and are actually quite easy to achieve, thanks to artificial rocks. By using artificial rocks instead of real boulders, you will be saving costs and time for your project. These waterfalls are specifically designed keeping in mind your pool radius, so water flows in the right direction and gives a more natural look. Water piping is used to ensure that your water flows correctly.

You can also adjust the water flow to your liking from high to low pressure with the help of the pre-installed valve. You can also place some plant pockets around the rock pool waterfall to add visual interest.

2. Create An Above Ground Pool Caves Using Rock Features

Another interesting way to feature artificial rocks in your pool is to add a custom cave. Unique cave designs are both fun and eye-catching and can be completely customized to your specific design necessities. You can add stairs and rails, use the artificial rocks and colors of your choice, and add multiple features to your cave; the possibilities are endless! Much like waterfalls, caves can also add to your pool’s visual beauty and offer calming sounds of cascading waters, but they are also a fun feature for your kids!

3. Add An Artificial Pool Deck

The pool deck is the area surrounding your swimming rock pool; for most homes, this is made using concrete or brick and ceramic glazed tiles. To add a new refreshing look, you can customize your pool deck by using faux rocks! You can also place some faux landscape rocks and boulders around the edges or fashion an artificial rock wall.

4. Add An Artificial Rock Grotto

You can think of a rock grotto as a cross between a waterfall and a cave. It features a small artificial cave structure that is typically large enough for you to swim in and includes an external waterfall feature.

A pool grotto is usually constructed using artificial rocks; natural rocks would be too heavy and could cause damage to the surrounding area. Not to mention the additional costs this would incur. On the other hand, adding an artificial rock grotto is a great way to add to the visual beauty and fun surrounding your pool area!

5. Add An Artificial Rock Pool Slide

One of the most exciting poolside features you can add is a pool rock slide! This one will make your house the most sought-after summer destination in your area and a total hot spot for parties! You can use both natural and faux rocks to make your pool slides.

To save costs, most people tend to opt for faux rock features. These give the same look and feel as natural stone, making them a great choice! Keep in mind most slide installations are usually made to flank a pool’s waterfall or grotto features.

Need Help Transforming Your Pool? Contact Tropical Rocks!

Adding exciting new faux rock features to your pool won’t just make your pool more visually pleasing and fun to take a swim in, but it will also add to your home value. If you plan to add a new rock feature before the summer hits, check out Tropical Rocks, the leading rock pool contractors, providing high-quality artificial rock pools and repair services!

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