Why Is Artificial Rock Better By The Pool?

With the summer approaching, you must be incredibly thankful you have got a pool in your backyard. This is the perfect time to renovate your pool for a grand reveal at your next pool party! The best way to add a new look at your pool is to add some faux additives and features; not only can they transform the way your pool looks, but they can prove to be cost-effective in the long run! Artificial rocks are a great example of faux additions perfect for your pool!

What Are Artificial Rocks?

Artificial or faux rocks are made to look and feel like actual rocks but are manufactured artificially. Natural rocks can be heavy to move around and difficult to work with; artificial rocks essentially do what rocks can’t. They are far easier to work with and are a perfect solution for scenic swimming pools, waterfalls, and other indoor attractions. Not to forget, they are highly customizable; from size and weight to color and style, you can customize anything and make a masterpiece.

Why Use Artificial Rock For Your Pool?

There are several fantastic reasons for using artificial rocks for your pool renovation project. Let’s discuss some of them.


Artificial rocks are usually manufactured using durable materials; typically including fiberglass, concrete, glass fiber reinforces concrete, etc. These are generally resistant to impact and can, in fact, support the weight of a grown person; this makes them a perfect replacement for real rocks.


If you study the effects of water on rocks, you will understand that water tends to break away rocks slowly. On the other hand, artificial rocks are carefully manufactured using materials that are not only water-resistant but are also not prone to cracking easily during winters.

Moreover, they are suited to both salt and fresh water contact. Fiberglass is an excellent example of a durable, water-resistant material used in building artificial rock structures. In simple words, artificial rocks are durable and a safe investment.

  Low Maintenance

Artificial rocks are particularly low maintenance and easy to keep year-round. They are not only resistant to heat, dry weather, and regular water exposure but they rarely break or crack. You simply need to wash them with cold water and ensure you have a resin coating in place to maintain the external resistance of the rock.

  Flexible Design Uses

One of the best parts of using artificial rocks as decorative pieces for your pool is their functionality and flexible uses. You can use them to create fountains, waterfalls, maybe decorate an entire wall with stones, and incorporate some plants for a more appealing look. You can be as imaginative as you want with artificial rocks.

  Customizable Sizing, Weight, and Thickness

A critical aspect of the pool design is to get the right shape and size of the stone. One fantastic advantage of artificial rocks is customizability in terms of size, weight, and thickness. Natural stones also come in various shapes and sizes but are difficult to carve and cut to the correct size, making artificial rocks preferable.

  Countless Colors and Styles

Another significant benefit artificial rocks offer is the wide variety of colors they are available in. You can get artificial rocks installed in nearly any color and special coatings to create a realistic rock appearance. Most people can’t even make out the difference between artificial rocks and real socks. Moreover, if you ever grow tired of a color, you can always redo it with a new color.


Getting large slabs of natural rocks cut and crafted into desired pieces and transported for installation at your pool would definitely be a time-consuming and costly process. On the other hand, artificial rocks are much cheaper to use, particularly in large-scale projects. You cut down on manufacturing time, labor, heavy machinery required and therefore reduce costs considerably.


Looking For Professional Pool Experts?

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