What are the Common Causes of Swimming Pool Leaks?

No matter the type or how well a pool has been installed, the water level is bound to drop at some point. However, the drop should be negligible and gradual. The common drop in the level of pool water can be because of evaporation, especially during hot weather like in summer. Splashes of water onto the deck when people are swimming can also contribute to a small drop in water levels. However, a drastic and massive drop is an indication of a major leak. Being aware of the various causes of leaks in pools is critical to prevention of such a situation and taking the appropriate action when it occurs. This article talks about the common causes of leaks in swimming pools and the best way to combat them.

Mechanical Problems

Some leaks in your pool can be caused by mechanical problems that may happen during installation. Wrong installation of pool components such as the pump, heater, filter or chlorinator may leave openings where water may seep out through. This is the reason why you should contract your pool installation to reputable pool professionals like Artificial Rock Works to avoid issues in the future.

Liner Damage

Typically, the liner is designed to prevent pool water from escaping to the ground. Vinyl liners, for instance, come in handy in concrete pools since they are a little porous and can over time, allow more water to seep. Even though liners such as vinyl and resin come with a couple of years of warranty, they are subject to damage. The damage could come from sharp objects, common wear and high UV. When that happens, water may seep through and end up into the ground. You can combat this problem by regularly inspecting your liner, especially when you notice a massive drop in water levels.

High Groundwater Pressure

When run off water seeps into the ground, it may make the water table to rise. As this happens around the pool, the hydrostatic pressure created may lift the pool structure off thereby causing cracks. It is through these cracks that water will escape to the ground. To combat this challenge, install proper drainage systems on your yard and around the pool.

Structural Problems

Sometimes, leaks in a pool could come from cracks for instance if you have a concrete pool. When the ground around the pool finally settles, after excavation, it may cause the concrete structure to crack, thus allowing water to pass through. Similarly, after a seismic activity such as a tremor or an earthquake, the pool may develop cracks where water seeps through. Vibrations from deep excavation and other construction works on nearby properties may also cause cracks on the pool structure, through which pool water may seep.

Plumbing Issues

In most cases, leaks in a pool happen due to plumbing issues. These happen when the underground pipe network becomes loose or disengaged due to common wear, damage, and the settling and shifting of the ground. Plumbing issues such as loose fittings can also cause major leaks. Plumbing repairs in the underground pipe network is complicated and should be strictly be addressed by a pool professional.

Pool Equipment

Due to improper installation, common wear, and cracks, looseness around pool equipment such as lighting, filters, heaters and pumps can occur. As that happens, water will seep through and contribute to a major drop in water levels. To averse this problem, consider inspecting for looseness and worn out seals and replace them accordingly.

Skimmer and Return Jets

A skimmer is the component tasked with collecting debris and dirt from finding its way into the pool. Looseness and cracks around the skimmer and return jets can also contribute to leaks in the pool. In this understanding, it is prudent to inspect the components. In case of any sign of these two issues, you should immediately contact a pool professional like the ones we have at Artificial Rock Works. 

From mechanical hitches, plumbing issues, high groundwater pressure, loose fittings and worn out seals, leaks in the pool can come from anywhere. Regular checks and early detection of pool leaks can help combat the problem before it escalates to serious issues. As you may have realized, the repair of pool leaks can be daunting to DIY. This is where the exemplary services of highly experienced and skilled professionals at Artificial Rock Works come in handy. To save your precious time and convenience, call us today and let us get your swimming pool back up and running.

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