How To Enhance Your Pool With Artificial Edge Rocks?

Are you tired of the same old, boring backyard pool? Do you want to spice things up?

Eye-catching landscape styling features, such as fountains, décor items, and especially artificial edge rocks, can greatly enhance the overall appearance of your pool. Artificial edge rocks are one of the most useful decor items since they are lightweight, reliable, and look precisely like exotic natural stones in the wild.

Moreover, enhancing the appearance and feel of your backyard pool with artificial rocks is among the most straightforward and affordable things you can do. Today we are going to show you 5 ways to do that! After all, having a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard gives your home a unique and appealing look, making your residence the talk of the town.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool with Artificial Edge Rocks

Your backyard swimming pool can go from plain to spectacular by incorporating artificial rock features in many different ways. Let’s go through some of these ways you can use artificial edge rocks to enhance your pool.

1. Enhance Pool Deck Paver

If you want something unique for your pool deck, artificial rock pavers could be the answer. Because of their durability and ability to replicate natural stone, opting for faux edge rocks is a fantastic choice for pool decks, as any style can be achieved using these versatile structures.


Place them in different styles as per the curve of your swimming pool. You can play around with every imaginable combination of dimensions, forms, colors, and textures to get the best look. The finished product is lovely and leaves enough budget to spend on remodeling other structures. Moreover, the best part is that regardless of the material you choose, maintenance requirements are quite minimal.

2. Create A Border

Another simple way to make your pool more appealing with artificial edge rocks is to create a border around it. Your pool should have a rock border around it that extends at least a foot above the water’s surface.

Place decorative rocks, gravel, or mulch between the pool and its new border. It will uplift the presence of your pool and make the rest of the lawn visually appealing. Installing artificial rocks around the pool will also allow for good drainage since they are porous, preventing puddles from forming on your lawn due to splashed water.

3. Add a Stone Waterfall

Waterfalls with unique stone rocks will make your pool stand out in the neighborhood. The best way to achieve this is to stack large rocks along the pool’s edge, placing the largest rocks at the bottom and the smallest rocks getting shorter as they get towards the top.

Some artificial edge rocks are even made for straight edges, while others are made to fit a specific pool radius. The molds are expertly made to give an aesthetic look and to guarantee that the water runs in the correct areas while enhancing the appearance of your swimming pool. Additionally, your pool may already have an integrated water feature, like a water fountain or a pool waterfall, which reduces the cost of installing artificial edge rocks.

4. Add a Rock Garden

A rock garden is an excellent way to add beauty and charm to your pool area in the backyard. Simply select a location in your yard, fill it with soil, and add artificial edge rocks of different ranges of sizes and shapes to create a rock garden. Then you can plant succulents or drought-tolerant plants between the rocks to take things even further.

Another main factor to consider in choosing low-water-demanding plants is that they can blend in with the faux rocks to avoid wear and tear in the rocks.

5. Stack Rocks to Create an Eye-Catching Landscape Feature

Grouping rocks together to make an eye-catching landscape feature is another way to use artificial rock edges in pool landscaping. It is a fantastic way to make your landscape more attractive. This can be accomplished by combining artificial rock edges of various shapes, sizes, and colors to produce a distinctive and arresting display around the pool’s edge.

Ending Note

There is no denying that landscaping around your pool improves the appearance of your backyard. You can transform your backyard into a cool and relaxing place by using affordable artificial edge rocks around your pool.

If you want to elevate the look of your garden with artificial rock features, contact us now. We provide the best artificial rock pools, pool waterfalls and repair services in town!

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