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A pool in your space is no longer just for swimming. It’s the centerpiece of a multidimensional and luxury experience. At Tropical Rocks we are at the forefront of aquatic progress. With years of experience and excellent service standards, we are one source of everything from simple pool repairs and equipment upgrades to refurbishment and new construction projects. We have the features and styles you wish, the quality you demand, and the method that makes it easy to have your dream pool.



Best Pool Restoration & Rock Repair Service

Don’t take chances with your pool construction or repair contractors. For the past 20 years, we have provided outstanding customer service and the highest quality pool related construction and design services available.

Selected by San Clemente, Calif and Orange County as a showcase dealer in the region, we are the exclusive provider of artificial pool rock restoration and repair services.

Tropical Rocks Attributes and Pool Project Standards:

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    Always High-Quality Materials.
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    Trustworthy Pool Services in Orange County, California & beyond.
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    Certified & Insured Experts in Pool Rock Repair & Installation.
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Hiring an expert for professional services is always a wise decision! Schedule an appointment today with our experts.

Our Rock, Concrete and Pool Rock Repair Services

We work with the best quality materials like paintings, concrete and others. We are committed to providing you a practical service design from start to end. Also, our designers can help you obtain the look you’ve always wanted with artificial rocks.

Learn more about our services:

Artificial Rock Swimming Pools

Whether you want a new swimming pool or upgrading an old swimming pool with artificial rocks, Tropical Rocks is here for you! We have experienced technicians and certified engineers to do the installation and excellent designers as it requires a lot of creativity to make your swimming pool a dream decor.

Artificial Rock Pool Slides

Tropical Rocks is here to save and repair your pool slide and make it enjoyable again.  Our team is expert in making your pool look new, repairing and repainting the concrete around it with high-quality building materials that will last many slips down your slide.

Artificial Rock Waterfalls

We use high quality paint that would last more than others and we have the expertise in concrete repair. Tropical Rocks contractor’s are the best in Southern 

California. If you do not believe what you just read, request a quotation and we will make sure that you would end up satisfied with our work.

High Quality Services
We do not cut corners on materials or services because YOUR quality matters as much as our reputation.

The Best Rock Pool Repair in Orange County!

Our work is known for using the best quality materials for our repainting and repairs. Your work is going to last more compared to others. 

Also, our experts can help restore your current pool and make it look new.

With over 20 years of experience, we are proud to serve you:

Over 20 years of experience, we have provided you:

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    Quality repainting service.
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    Sculpture on artificial rock restoration.
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    Best pool slides repair and concrete repair  services.
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    Experts in rock repair
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    Free in-home Consultation!
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    Always here to help you in Orange County, California.

Let’s make your swimming pool project live!

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Our Clients Experience

We are a customer-oriented company as we have a strong belief that repeat customers are the best advertisement. We strive to provide you excellent quality materials and professional services that will not meet but exceed your expectations.

Happy clients!

20+ Years of Experience

We proudly serve you with our best design, state-of-the-art technology, and excellent quality materials.

Our Vision:

Tropical Rocks is a company that has been serving San Clamente, CA, Orange County, CA & Beyond since 2000. Our prime focus is on providing the best pool and outdoor life for service area buyers. We find value in creating large pools, repairing, and maintaining and having a low-stress process organized from start to finish. Our vision is to create the best place for family and friends to relax together and let them make memories in a beautiful and peaceful space. So why are you waiting to contact us right now!

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